Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Grand Hotel

On our first morning in Taiwan, as we drove into the city from the airport, one of the landmarks pointed out to us from the expressway, was the Grand Hotel, sitting on a hill.

As you approach the Grand Hotel, this is your first glimpse that you get. We made a visit here about a month later.

Every important building or attraction has a "gate" in front of it. This is the gate for the Grand Hotel.

Inside the gate, this is the view, including the two lions. Lions are also a common decoration.

Closer, you can see the flowers, landscaping, and steps leading up to the hotel.

Additional landscaping, off to the side.

This is where the cars exit after people are dropped off or picked up.

There are many bellhops waiting to greet you.

Inside the entrance, you are greeted to the grand lobby.

At the back of the lobby was this floral display. These are orchids, I believe, including the purple arrangement.

Up a level was this fountain.

On the walls was a little history. This was the appearance in the 1950s.

And this is the appearance in 1973. If I'm not mistaken, these are later 1950s model cars, a Chevrolet on the left and a Ford on the right.

This is a side entrance.

Walking down the hill in front of the hotel toward the river is a spot that is special to members of the church.

This is the approximate location of the spot where Mark E. Peterson dedicated the island of Taiwan for the preaching of the gospel on 1 June 1959. Last year they had a 50-year anniversary of this event.

This is a view from the side, looking toward the river.

And this is a view of the river, looking south over the city of Taipei in the general direction of where we live.

Just above this hill, looking back, you have a view of the Grand Hotel and its gate.