Thursday, December 23, 2010

Creches from Around the World

In connection with the Christmas Pageant it was decided to display a collection of Creches from around the world. People were invited to come into the church overflow area of the chapel before and after the pageant performances.

At the entrance to the building was a large and beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

The 7th Ward (English-speaking) has a lot of members who have been stationed all over the world with various countries' foreign services. The members listed above brought in and shared their creches.

Some were elaborate.

Some were simple.

One or both of these were from Mexico.

This one from Ecuador.

United States




This creche was displayed on a Mexican hand-crafted blanket with the Aztec calendar on it.


United States




El Salvador

El Salvador

This is a tagua nut which grows in subtropical Africa. Its hardness is similar to elephant ivory.

These figures were carved out of tagua nuts in mainland China and displayed on a rack intended for paint brushes.

This one was not in the display, but sits in our foyer. It is from Taiwan and was carved by Catholic monks or friars who do this to raise money for their order. They have all different sizes available (this one about $60), with the larger sets being more expensive (naturally). This stable was not included with the figures but came from our favorite second-hand supplier, "B3".

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