Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

At the beginning of December we had heard of no plans for Christmas Day from the other senior missionaries. The temple was going to be closed, but the rest of Taiwan was conducting business as usual. So we decided to invite everyone to our apartment for a potluck lunch at 2 PM.

While Kentucky was having snow, we could only dream about it and put up this decoration. Temperatures this day were in the 60's.

We had seven couples -- two others were on other assignments and one was in the US. Someone gave us matching plates, napkins and table cloth.

While people were arriving, we sat around talking ...

...and eating pistachios and dates filled with walnuts.

Dinner included rice, chicken and gravy, and a chicken casserole. In the background on the shelf is our miniature Christmas tree with lights. It was just the right size for us since we had no presents to put under it.

We also had homemade rolls, broccoli, cranberry salad, cole slaw and a salad tray with a wreath Sister Hahn made out of cucumbers. Our serving table consisted of two table/desks taken out of the spare bedrooms.

We were able to seat everyone, either at the large table, ...

...or at the small table, ...

... or seated on the couches.

After dinner we sat in a big circle and shared Christmas stories.

Then we pushed aside the tables and did the Virginia Reel. You need a caller and some instruction to begin.

We had four couples (the rest preferred watching) and we began with "Right hand 'round your partner."

Then it's "Do-Si-Do". Of course, you need a fiddler to play Turkey in the Straw.

Then you do the "Reel" from which the dance gets its name.

Then you "Follow the leader, single file."

"Make an arch" and the rest come under and you have a new head couple.

Then at about 5 PM we left our apartment to go caroling at a large hospital.

The two other couples who weren't able to come to dinner were able to join us for this activity. We didn't go to patients' rooms, but visitors stopped to listen and some of the brethren handed out candy to children who came by.


  1. Wonderful!! Esp. the Reel with violin! :-)

  2. Love it! The people were like the decorations in the pictures - since most were wearing some red! (: Looks like this was a comfortable event for you and I'm sure everyone enjoyed your hospitality!!! (: