Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 1st Birthday

As we near the end of our mission, many people want to take us out to eat. On Tuesday, 28 February it was

Carol and Ivan Chung.
He is one of my piano students. We ate at a Chinese restaurant with English menus.
On Wednesday, 29 February it was

Emma and Vanessa
Emma is one of Sister Hahn's piano students and Vanessa is one of mine. We ate at a French restaurant with English menus.

Here we are shown with lobster and salmon.
On Thursday, 1 March, the real birthday, we ate at a Thai restaurant with English menus, with four other senior missionary couples.

Pulley, mission office

Hill, public affairs

Yu, family history

Calvert, mission nurse & mission office
(He is the nurse.)
On Friday we worked in the temple and couldn't eat out anywhere.
On Saturday, 3 March it was a real Chinese restaurant with no English menus and a large, round table with a "lazy susan" in the middle.

President & Sister Ho, with his mother in red.
He was an area seventy for seven years, spending some of his time in Beijing. He is now a counselor in the temple.

And here we are that same evening.
It was a good week.

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  1. Fun to see a post from you again! One picture made me think mom cut her hair - but later it just looks like it was pulled back. (:
    Enjoy the last 2 weeks!!! What an adventure!!!