Monday, January 24, 2011

Flora Expo

The 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition is open from November 6, 2010 to April 25, 2011, daily from 9 AM to 10 PM.

There are large areas of flowers in various patterns and designs, such as this near the entrance.

This is near the river.

These musician figures were good for photo ops.

This building and rainbow-colored beetles would appeal to children (of all ages).

Inside this building they held musical performances. They announced something starting at 2 PM, so I went inside and waited ten minutes to see what it was. It was two guitars and some Chinese banter and after one number I left.

Part of the theme of the exposition is environment and conservation. So they installed some wind generators and are powering some of their electrical needs with them.

Here was a men's bathroom, rather airy with urinals, western-style toilets with toilet paper, and sinks (but no plan for drying your hands). I waited several minutes for the place to clear out.

Some smaller areas were decorated and groomed with plants and foliage.

This is a quaint little facade out of foliage.

At this location some girls wanted to have their picture taken with me and then they thought I should have a picture of myself (so here it is).

The Fine Arts Museum is included in the Flora Expo area, so I went in to see what was there in honor of David. This picture is for him.

Then I took one for myself -- I figured I could understand it.

Outside the Fine Arts building was this stage where shows were put on from time to time, with a seating area for the audience. This orchestra of traditional Chinese instruments were rehearsing and I listened for awhile.

Here was another group of entertainers. They danced and did Indian chants. Afterward they were taking pictures and invited me to join them.

Here are flowers, a little water, and the traditional Chinese bridge.
There are some exhibits where you have to stand in line. And there are some exhibits where you have to have special tickets to get in. The tickets are free with the price of admission to the Expo, but there are a limited number distributed for specific times of the day of admission. People line up outside the Expo early in the morning, hours before the Expo opens at 9 AM, and then they run to where the tickets are handed out for the place they are interested in and see if there are any left. We may try that when Ann comes to visit. I would like to see the IMax theater presentation (don't know exactly what it is about).

One exhibit we stood in line to see (15-20 minutes) turned out to be assorted handicraft such as making incense sticks and intricate paper cutting (such as above).

Another area has displays by different countries, such as Oman...


Greece, with missing arms, and a structure suggestive of the Parthenon...




Hong Kong


and a globe of flowers by the Netherlands.


  1. Looks cool! You seem to be quite the celebrity! (: If we go I want a picture next to that elephant for Cari Osborne! She wants to go to Thailand someday and ride an elephant! (:

  2. Very Neat! A lot of cool pictures!

  3. Ak saw this post today and asked if she could go see the "rainbow colored beetle" looks like a catepiliar to us. I told her it was in Taiwan. She asked, "can we go to Taiwan" (: I refrained from saying, I AM!!! (: