Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taipei Taiwan Temple

Here we are near the front entrance of the temple.

We stopped to take a picture on the day that we arrived. Here we are with President and Sister Horner. Notice the flowers and palm trees.

Looking down on the temple from Pres. Horner's 5th floor apartment, you can see the whole building and the steps where we were standing in the picture above.

At the top of the spire is a statue of the angel Moroni, facing west inviting all of the Chinese on the mainland to come.

To the right of the temple is a plaza.

To the right of the plaza is the Service Center and Stake Center.

Here you see another gate entering onto the grounds and a door into the 1st floor of the Stake Center where we go to church on Sunday.

Here is a view from the other end of the building. Pres Horner first came to Taiwan as a missionary in the 60's when we were starting our family. Then about 20 years ago they came to Taiwan to be the Mission President. Now they are here as the Temple President.

During the 1980's there were about a dozen temples dedicated which had the same architectural design as the Taipei Taiwan Temple. (Boise, Manila, Dallas, Taipei, Guatemala in '84; Stockholm, Chicago, Johannesburg, Seoul in '85;
Lima, Buenos Aires in '86; Frankfurt in '87; Las Vegas in '89) You can see all of these temples if you go to
which is for the Taipei temple and then click on the chronological list.


  1. Beautiful! Good pictures to get an idea of where it is and it's surroundings.

  2. Great pictures from the apartment! It is neat to hear Moroni facing west. And thanks for the Temple history lesson about all the ones from the 80s having the same architecture.

  3. Thanks for the pictures! I like the blue roof of the temple, and I like the criss-cross pattern on the contrete to the right. I also like the palm trees! I didn't ever think that there would be palm trees in Taiwan.