Wednesday, October 6, 2010

General Conference

We were finished with our training at the MTC on Thursday afternoon, but because we had packing to do, and could get a ride to the airport the next day, we stayed another night where we were. On Friday, we rented a car at the airport and took our luggage with us to visit the Marriotts for the weekend. We also rented a GPS for about the same amount as the car, but it was very helpful getting around.

We went to their back yard and harvested vegetables and raspberries. Then Alma spied this playhouse and was drawn to it like a magnet.

The Marriotts were the mission president when we arrived in the Brasil Sao Paulo Interlagos Mission. Now each Friday night before General Conference they invite any of their former missionaries to an open house for rice and beans. In this picture, Pres & Sis Marriott are to my left, and Bro & Sis Nelson are in front of me. They were senior missionaries who preceded us in Brasil, with Sis Nelson teaching keyboard music like we did. The eleven Marriott children have grown up and moved out, so there was plenty of room for us to stay over night.
Saturday afternoon we attended General Conference and afterward Lynda Tierney took us out to dinner and then walked around with Alma while I attended the Priesthood Session.

Sunday we were back at the Conference Center which doesn't look too imposing from this angle.

We thought perhaps we could walk around on the rooftop garden, but found out it is only accessible by elevator from inside the building and there were no tours on this weekend.

The Conference Center seats 22,000 people with no pillars obstructing your view.

During conference they ask that no pictures be taken, but during the choir rehearsal I assumed it would be okay. You are looking at 360 members of the choir.

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